3 Months

How has it been 3 months already??? Time has just flown by and my little newborn is now 3 months old!!

She now wighs 6.1kg (13lbs)

I don’t have heaps of time to write as she has just fallen asleep (and daytime naps tend to be quite short).

I just wanted to let all of you know that we are doing well and I am loving being a mom (except for the days when everything goes wrong).

I love writing here, but am finding it more and more difficult to sit down and write. So I have a feeling I will be closing my blog down in the near future but not just yet. Before I do, if you would like to stay in touch with me please send me a msg or an e-mail and I will send you my personal e-mail so we can stay in touch that way.

Take Care xoxo


Elsa’s birth Story

10 October 2015 (34 Weeks+0 days)

Well I guess the best place to start is at 34 weeks(10 Oct). I woke up with some bleeding. At this point I had a pretty easy-going pregnancy with very few complications. I called the Birth Unit at the hospital and we were told by the midwives to come in to see what was going on. So off we went to the hospital, not knowing if this was going to be the start of labour or if it was just a false alarm. The Obstetrician had a look but couldn’t confirm where the bleeding was coming from. They advised us to stay  at the hospital for 24 hrs of monitoring. The bleeding stopped shortly after that and we were discharged the following day.
In the week that followed I took it easy but was not on bed rest. I walked when I could, and rested when I needed to.

22 October, 2015 (35 week+ 5 days)
On Thursday 22 Oct I had quite a big day. I had breakfast with a friend and then we had our bi-weekly appointment at the hospital with a doctor. I usually visit a midwife for our visits but this visit was scheduled to discuss induction options originally. However, at 35 weeks +5 days our little one was in breech position. So the appointment turned into planning a c- section for 16 November, 1 week before my due date. I wasn’t thrilled about having a planned c-section but it was the only option if he/she didn’t turn. There was still hope that he/she would turn to be head down and if he/she did then the c-section would be cancelled and I would be able to labour and deliver vaginally. I was quite upset by the news as I wanted the opportunity for our baby to come on its own terms and I wanted to prove to myself that I could get through labour and deliver our baby as naturally as possible. Thursday evening just as I was getting ready for bed I had some more bleeding. So we called the Birth Unit at the hospital and they told us once again to come in. I was monitored and checked but they couldn’t find the source of the bleeding. So I was told to stay for more monitoring for 24-48 hours. The bleeding stopped but I stayed in the hospital until Saturday.
Once I was home I decided again to take it easy. At this point I was 36 weeks.

On Monday I had some pretty intense back pain but I thought it was sciatica pain( Now I think it may have been the start of very early labour sings).

28 October, 2015 (36 weeks+4 days)

On Wednesday 28 October I went to yoga and acupuncture. Both my yoga instructor and Acupuncturist went easy on me in our sessions. However, after yoga I noticed my back pain had increased and I was having difficulties walking without being in pain.
That night  I was still having some back pain, so I decided to have a bath. I am normally not a bath person but in the last two weeks it had become a form of pain relief for me and a time to relax and talk to our baby(gently encouraging him/her to turn head down and choose their own birthday). When I got out of the bath I was putting on my pajamas and I started leaking(this is relatively normal), however, as I ran to the toilet to try to wipe it and I sat on the toilet I felt a gush of liquid. I thought to myself that it was quite a large amount for a pee, especially since lately  I would pee often but not very much would come out. Then I thought maybe it was because I just had a bath and some bath water got in. Regardless, I put a liner on like I normally do, and went to have dinner with hubby. I didn’t tell him what happened because I didn’t think it was significant. Just as we finished dinner we were watching a funny show and I laughed, and a bit of liquid came out and I said to hubby “I think I just peed myself” and he said “really?”. Off I went to the toilet and another gush of liquid came out. So I told hubby what happened and he said “I think your waters just broke.” my response was “No way, it’s far too early. My parents aren’t even here yet! and nobody’s water breaks first, surely its something else????” Yes, at this point I was in pure denial that my waters had broken. So I put another pad on, got out my ‘What to expect when expecting’ book and looked up waters breaking. Sure enough the explanation was very similar to my experience, but again I was still in denial. I told hubby I just wanted to watch the show for a bit longer before calling the hospital. But another 5 minutes later and another huge gush came out and I had NO CONTROL over it. So, I called the birth unit and explained my situation and they told us to come in. So I finished packing my things and off we went to the hospital for the third time in 3 weeks.  At this point I didn’t have any contractions.  Once we arrived and I was monitored for a bit the doctors confirmed that my waters broke and we were told to spend the night, not knowing if labor would start soon, or whether they would do an emergency c-section. The Obstetrician on duty said that the latest I would have my baby is 31 October. I was in shock, our baby was coming and within a few days we would have him/her in our arms!

I didn’t have any contractions until early Thursday morning. They weren’t that bad, I would describe them as waves of pain that started low in my abdomen and traveled from the right side to the left and then upwards. I breathed through them easily enough and the pain was tolerable.

Since my contractions hadn’t been too intense or regular and the baby seemed quite happy and content the doctors decided to plan for a c-section for Friday morning (baby was still breech). They would only do an emergency c-section that day if they had to (c-sections are usually done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at this hospital). Doing a c-section on Thursday required a special team and it could up to 3 hours to get the team together. Plus the longer bub stayed in the better for her.

Originally when I had asked about my friend/Birth Photographer A attending the c-section I was told it would be not be a problem, however, when we asked again if she could come in on Friday they told us flat out no. I was so devastated that nothing was going to plan. First, Baby comes early and my parents aren’t even in the country yet, second I have to have c-section instead of a vaginal delivery like I wanted, third, my very calm friend/Birth photographer won’t be there to capture the moments our baby enters the world. It was the only time I cried that day of pure disappointment. My friend A assured me she would be there before and after and she would still be able to capture beautiful moments.

I spent Thursday at the hospital and I had a few contractions but I could still walk and talk and be my normal self, nothing too painful. Other than being super tired I was feeling good.  A even took our 36 week timeline photos as we had scheduled it for later that day and I wanted one last picture of my bump before Baby arrived.

Barefoot and pregnant

Barefoot and pregnant

Just hours before the Birth of our baby.

Just hours before the Birth of our baby.

Then around 3pm I had a few more contractions these ones a bit more intense but as soon as the midwives tried to monitor me, the contractions stopped. At this point we were still aiming for 8am Friday morning for the planned c-section. Around 5 pm they moved me from the birthing unit to the maternity unit to try to get some sleep. They also gave me some panadeine forte (equivalent to Tylenol with codeine) to ‘slow’ down the contractions as they were coming more frequently but not intensely or regularly. When I asked the midwife if they would take away the pain she said “no, they just slow them down. BUT if you are in true labour then they won’t do anything.” By 8:30pm Thursday night I started having contractions that were getting more intense and had become quite frequent (every 5 minutes) for about an hour. Problem was I couldn’t find a comfortable position to get through the contractions nor could I relax after. Standing hurt my legs but sitting felt worse! By 10:00 the pain was so intense and I knew I was not going to be able to last until 8 am. We called the midwife who monitored me for a bit(I had to sit for this and it was so uncomfortable) and she must have seen something because the next thing I know my on Duty Obstetrician(the same Dr we had at our first bleeding, and she was the kindest Dr I have ever met) came in and said “so, this baby can’t wait? she/he just wanted to choose her birthday? So we will take you up and get ready for your c-section tonight.” I told her I was sorry I couldn’t wait, with tears in my eyes I was SO relieved! I never thought I would be so relieved to have a c-section but I was exhausted and in pain. We then asked if  A could come to capture some pictures, and the Doctors said she could come in once baby was out (apparently night staff are a bit more flexible) but she needed to get there fast, that they would be doing the surgery within an hour. We called A and told her the news and told her to get to the hospital FAST. Good thing it 11pm at night or she would not have made it! In what felt like minutes they took me up to the pre op. They checked a few things including if I was dilated. One Dr checked and says “I think I feel a foot.”  She has a worried look on her face and looks at me and says “it’s ok” All I could think was of course there is a foot, he/she is breech? Then my Dr checks and says “You are 9cm dilated, and there is a possibility that we may be able to deliver you baby vaginally.” I couldn’t believe it! Here I was thinking the whole time that I was in early labour but I had managed to make it to 9cm with only some pain relief. I told my Dr I was ready for anything and that if I had to push the baby  out I would…I had watched some you tube videos, so I was prepared!  They all laughed! I just wanted the baby out and healthy. We get into the theater and another Dr checks and confirms baby is footling breech which is the worst kind of breech, so they decided to go ahead with the c-section. I have to say at this point I was so thrilled with the team in the theater they were SO professional, calm and made the experience very pleasant! Within minutes they held up our baby and we got a good look and saw she was a GIRL!!!!! A Girl, wow!

Elsa Audrey was born at 11:35pm 29 October, 2015. She was whisked away and needed a bit of help breathing but then once she was stable they brought her over to me and we had some skin-to-skin cuddles. I couldn’t believe how alert she was staring right at me. She already has a mind of her own choosing her own birthday instead of it being chosen for her! She was listening all those times I told her to choose her own birthday, she just missed the ‘head down memo’.

Once they were done sewing me up we were moved to recovery where our Baby girl was put on me for skin to skin and she had her first feed. It was such a special moment and I couldn’t believe she was finally in my arms.

Even though, I didn’t get the vaginal natural delivery I wanted, I am still proud that my body labored quickly and had she been in the right position I would have been able to push her out no problem…I think! I am still so impressed with my body and how I managed to make it to 9cm without any pain relief. I think that part of it was that perhaps I have a high pain tolerance, and partly because I didn’t have any medical intervention. Meaning no one was pushing me along to get through the labor, in fact I am pretty sure I was so calm about labor that I had all the midwives and Doctors fooled about how far into labor I actually was. The funny thing is, that while I was experiencing the worst of the contractions I felt like I didn’t deal with them very well at the time, because in my mind I was still in early labor. Now that I know it was active labor, I feel as though I did pretty well, especially for not having ANY of the labor tools I thought I might have access to(fit balls, mats, bean bags, etc).

It’s now been almost 3 weeks since our little one was born and I couldn’t be happier. I am still healing from my c-section and have had some complications, which I am now taking antibiotics to help prevent infection. The recovery process will be a lot slower than I initially anticipated but I am hopeful I will be fully recovered in a few more weeks.

Early arrival

Baby M is a………GIRL!!!!

Our Baby girl arrived on 29 October, 2015 at 11:35pm via emergency cesarean (arriving at 36wks+5 days).

I would like to introduce Elsa Audrey M____.

She weighed 2920g(2.9kg/6.3lbs) and 49cm(19.2)

4 Days Old

4 Days Old

4 Days old

4 Days old

After several days at the hospital(mostly due to the fact that she was born 3 weeks early and I had a c-section), we were discharged. We have now been home for almost a week and I am finally getting over the shock of her early arrival. Things are going well, and I will tell you our birth story I just need to find a few minutes when I am not feeding her or sleeping to get it typed and posted.

One Week old

One Week old

My first bath at home.

My first bath at home.

First family picture by the beach.

First family picture by the beach.

Breech position at 36 weeks

At the hospital where we will eventually birth our baby, they have discussed with us the options available if our baby is in breech position. Unfortunately, there is only one option; Cesarean.

Last week at our Hospital appointment we visited with the obstetrician (normally we just see a Midwife, but this visit was planned weeks ago to discuss induction options should baby go past his/her due date). Unfortunately the visit turned into booking a cesarean as our baby is currently breech, meaning bum down and head up. There is still time for our little one to move into the right position to have a natural birth and if that happens our cesarean will be cancelled. But having to prepare yourself for BOTH options as a possibility right up until the day of our planned cesarean is a lot of mental preparation. I was upset and disappointed as I had hoped Baby would turn by now, and had hoped they would offer me an ECV (External Cephalic version), which is basically a doctor externally manipulating your belly to try to get baby to turn. The success rate is only 50-60%. However, since 2 weeks ago I had some unprovoked bleeding the Doctor advised us not to try this. So at this point our only hope of baby turning is positive thinking.

It was a long day, I had breakfast with a friend and then spent the afternoon booking our cesarean and getting all the details for it. When I finally arrived home I was tired, but didn’t nap because my brain was so focused on the news that we have booked a cesarean. I had a good cry and spoke to a Doula friend who was able to give me some advice about our situation. I would say I was stressed but not overly so, just mentally exhausted. Hubby finally arrived home and we had dinner. I was just getting ready for bed, went to the toilet and saw blood. There was less than before but the colour was more red than brown. I knew if I called the hospital they would keep me for monitoring overnight. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep in my own bed and for a second I contemplated not calling. My better judgement took hold and I called the birthing unit, they advised that we should come in to get it checked out. SO I quickly had a shower, knowing it would be a long night ahead. Luckily I had just finished packing my bag the day before I just needed to add my toiletries. Then we were off. Once there they monitored baby, who was very happy and kicking up a storm! Everything seemed fine, but they weren’t sure where the bleeding was coming from so, once again I had to stay at the hospital for monitoring. In the morning the doctor came to check on me and by then the bleeding had stopped. She told me that if the bleeding occurs again I would have to stay in the hospital until Baby was born! I was not happy. She also told me I would have to stay in the hospital until Sunday(this was Friday morning). In the end I know it was the best place for me but with very little sleep the night before I was quite distraught. Having spent 24hrs in the hospital 2 weeks ago, I was a little bit more prepared this time. I asked some friends to come and visit to pass the time. Finally late on Saturday morning they discharged me. I was so happy to go home and sleep in my own bed. The bleeding has stopped and now we are hoping for two things; 1) Baby turns, 2) NO MORE BLEEDING.

Wish me luck!

35 week Bumpdate

honeydew melon

Baby is the size of:  Honeydew melon, or at least the weight of one

How Far Along:  35+3

Best Moments This Week:  Coffee with my friend (She is also my photographer and will be at the birth of our baby) and  Skyped with 2 of my closest friends in Canada.

Total Weight Gain: I will weigh myself once more before Baby arrives, but probably closer to due date.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, mostly comfy clothes at the moment.

Symptoms:  Tired all the time. Also I have been having quite a bit of pelvic pain, but I think it is because baby’s feet are quite close to my pelvis so when he kicks he kicks my pelvis. Last night Baby M was moving around so much, I was so uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep from 10:30pm-2am. At first I just thought it was Baby moving around, but then I thought they might be contractions. Then the moving seemed to stop and I was finally able to fall asleep.

Sleep: Tired all the time and still waking up every 2 hours for a toilet break. A few nights ago I had a 4 hour stretch of sleep and it was amazing!

Food Cravings: Still on a massive fruit kick. Loving grapes and Kiwi at the moment!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing lately.

Movement: Heaps of movement and I don’t really know the difference between what might be movement vs. Braxton Hicks contractions vs real contractions. Anyone able to help me out with this???

Stretch Marks: A few under my boobs, and I have that line down the middle of my stomach called the Linea Nigra.

Gender: Waiting until birth to find out.

Labour Signs: no

Belly Button In or Out?: Still an innie!

Wedding Rings on or off?: Off for now, just to be safe!

Happy or Moody?: Exhausted.

Purchases for baby: No

Purchases for Momma: No

Miss Anything?: Energy.

Looking forward to: My parents arriving in 2 weeks!

Baby Bump Pics

This is me all ready for Yoga! Wednesday is yoga day, I missed last week because I was visiting with some friends, so I was really looking forward to yoga today. Instead, I drove all the way there (20 mins away) only to discover there was a fire in the building and the class was cancelled 😦

35wks-Side 35wks-Front35wks-Bump

34 week Bumpdate


On Saturday morning I woke up early to get ready for our Calm birth course and was greeted with some bleeding when I went to the toilet. There wasn’t a lot, but enough to know that I needed to call our labor and deliver midwife at the hospital. Once I confirmed my story to the midwife they suggested we come in to get checked out. I was 34 weeks and I was definitely NOT ready for baby M to come. I also knew that Baby M was still in breech so I knew he/she was probably not ready to join us just yet either but you just never know with bleeding. So off we went to the hospital. They checked us in, and monitored the baby’s heart rate(which was good) and monitored if I had any contractions(there were none). The doctors came by to have a look at my cervix and determined that I was still bleeding and just to be cautious they wanted to monitor me for 24hrs just to see what happens. Hubby was sent home to collect a few things to entertain us, and clothes for me to stay the night and we waited. The bleeding stopped in the afternoon, and by the next morning it seemed to have gone away completely. They called it an unprovoked bleed. Which means there was no reason for it. Because it was the weekend I couldn’t have a proper ultrasound, so they booked us in to have one on Tuesday just to make sure everything is ok. Throughout the 24hrs at the hospital Baby M continued to bounce around and kick and seemed to be quite happy. I was sent home on Sunday morning and told I could resume my normal activities.

Staying overnight at the hospital  by myself was uncomfortable and a bit lonely (hubby was not allowed to stay and will not be allowed to stay after the birth of our baby). Needless to say I am not looking forward to having to stay overnight after the birth of the baby. The staff was great, but the beds are very uncomfortable and the food was terrible. After birth they say your stay can be very short (8 hours) up to 48 hours. Here’s hoping I only have to stay at the very least 24 hours. The good news is with our little test run, at least I will know what to expect.

Baby is the size of:  A Cantaloupe or as they call it in Australia a Rock melon

How Far Along:  34 + 3

Best Moments This Week:  I had lunch with three friends (former colleagues) who I haven’t seen in quite some time. Only 1 of us still remains at the workplace the rest of us have all moved on. It was so lovely to see them and catch up. And it made me realize that even though we don’t talk on a daily basis or even weekly basis, I do have friends who care about me and my well being. It’s so nice to catch up with friends and pick up exactly where you left off.

Our Ultrasound. Even though the reason for having one wasn’t so great, we were able to see baby again. They confirmed all is well and Baby M is growing normally weighing about 2.5kg (approx 5 lbs) and is still in breech. Here is hoping he/she turns in the next 2-3 weeks.

Total Weight Gain: I will weight myself once more before Baby arrives, but probably closer to due date.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, although some things are starting to get a bit tight.

Symptoms:  Tired. ALL.THE. TIME., feeling like I am out of breath when I am not doing anything.

Sleep: I am tired all the time, and can’t seem to get enough sleep to feel rested. I am mostly uncomfortable while sleeping and will wake up every 2 hours for a toilet break. I have heard that this is the way your body prepares you for when baby finally arrives, so in away it’s not so bad. I just need to get use to the new normal.

Food Cravings: Still on a massive fruit kick. Loving grapes and Kiwi at the moment!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing lately.

Movement: Heaps of movement. Baby continues to be active all day long and right before I want to go to sleep.

Stretch Marks: A few under my boobs, and I have that line down the middle of my stomach called the Linea Nigra.

Gender: Waiting until birth to find out.

Labour Signs: no

Belly Button In or Out?: Still an innie!

Wedding Rings on or off?: Off for now, just to be safe!

Happy or Moody?: Relatively Happy. I am glad that the bleeding stopped and that baby is not ready yet to come out.

Purchases for baby: Nothing this week, although I did wash all the baby clothes and my goal this week is to fold and sort them into piles.

Purchases for Momma: Nothing this week.

Miss Anything?: Energy.

Looking forward to: Our free breastfeeding class at the hospital. Hopefully there will be lots of information.

Baby Bump Pics


33 week Bumpdate


Baby is the size of:  Pineapple

How Far Along:  33 weeks +  5 days

Best Moments This Week:  My yoga class. I walked away feeling so good!

Total Weight Gain: I caved this week and weighed myself.

Starting weight 146lbs + 27lbs(weight gain) = 173lbs

So looks like I will probably gain another few pounds before Bub arrives, and I think I am ok with that. I am not going to stress about how much I have gained or how fast I can get rid of it afterwards. My only goal is to try to continue my pre-pregnancy healthy eating habits shortly after birth.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. This week as it was So hot I went for a swim in the ocean sporting my new maternity swimming suit (Sorry no picture yet!). I love it! Hoping I get to use it a few more times before bub arrives.

Symptoms:  Not nearly as emotional this week, but still uncomfortable as Bub is getting bigger and bigger.

Sleep: Sleep has been better this week. I still wake up 2-3 times at night but having a nap during the day helps alot with my overall general fatigue.

Food Cravings: Ice cream

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week.

Movement: Today our Midwife confirmed that Bub is in breach position. Which means the movements I am feeling quite low are bub’s feet! Hopefully bub will turn on its own when he/she is ready but in the mean time I am going to acupuncture tomorrow and will try some exercises to help turn bub around.

Stretch Marks: A few under my boobs, and I have that line down the middle of my stomach called the Linea Nigra.

Gender: Waiting until birth to find out.

Labour Signs: no

Belly Button In or Out?: Still an innie!

Wedding Rings on or off?: Off for now, just to be safe!

Happy or Moody?: Happier this week, which I attribute to my Wednesday yoga class!

Purchases for baby: We bought several items at the baby store this weekend.

  • Hooded towels and face washers
  • nappy wipes and cream
  • fitted sheet for the bassinet
  • A Baby bottle starter kit, which includes 2 bottles, and some storage containers for breast milk. I bought these even though I plan on breastfeeding. I am hoping that I will be able to express some milk so Hubby can feed the baby sometimes.

Purchases for Momma: Laundry baskets.

Miss Anything?: Having energy to get things done.

Looking forward to: Our Calm Birth course this weekend. Hopefully it will give us more insight into active birth positions and how to cope with pain.

Baby Bump Pics

My Selfie Bump Pics

33wks-Side 33wks-Front 33wks-Bump

Professional Bump pics (Photographs by Anna Todd Photography)